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Patient Area

Located on the shores of Lake Macquarie, Northern Orthopaedics was established to provide patients with excellence in health care, more specifically, orthopaedic surgery and consultancy.

Referral Process

It is necessary to obtain a referral from your GP before your consultation. The referral allows you to claim a rebate from Medicare, provides us with a list of your medication and any important information that your GP can pass along. Please also bring all relevant tests and Xrays to your consultation.

Consultation Process

When you meet doctor, you will be asked a few questions before an examination of the problem area. Together, patient and doctor will plan a solution that takes into consideration your aspirations and expectations.

Whilst the surgeries we perform are highly specialised, not all of our patients’ problems require operative solutions. We will discuss all possible solutions to your disorder and openly communicate the various outcomes.

Our goal is the satisfactory resolution of your problem... often achieving the most by intervening the least.

Post Operative Care

In order to achieve the best result from any operation, it’s important to know what to expect and what will be expected of you, the patient. We encourage our patients to ask any questions or air any concerns before your surgery as well as during the recovery phase.

You will be seen regularly by your doctor during your stay in hospital and assisted throughout your recovery.

Should you have any questions or concerns after being discharged from hospital, you can contact our office on 02 4958 7777. To contact your doctor outside of business hours, just call the hospital at which your surgery was performed and they will arrange for your doctor to contact you as soon as possible.

Existing Patients

For all joint replacement procedures, the review date falls on the first anniversary of the operation and then five yearly thereafter. At each review, new Xrays are required. Should you leave the area, it’s advised you undertake the same reviews with your new GP.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Principles

We respect your privacy by treating all your personal and sensitive information as confidential and by handling it in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth), The National Privacy Principles and other applicable state and territory laws. We have adopted internal policies and procedures to ensure that all information provided to us is stored, used and disclosed in accordance with applicable law.

What information do we hold

We hold information provided by the doctor or organisation that referred you to us, or by you, which is necessary to assess and evaluate you for the purpose of providing a logical treatment plan.

You will also provide information to us directly during your assessment.

The type of information may include personal information (such as your name, contact details, age, sex, work history, lifestyle activities), information about your health (such as a full medical history and medical details) and any accident or injury details (if applicable).

We may also collect this information from other sources, such as your treating doctors, medical health professionals or other health care providers where appropriately authorised by you.

When do we use or disclose your information?

We will only use or disclose your information, for the purpose for which it was collected, to the person or organisation that referred you to us, or as otherwise directed by law.

We rely on the information you provide to us to ensure that a complete factual evaluation of your health status can be provided to the referring organisation.

How will your information be protected?

Northern Orthopaedics is committed to protecting the confidentiality of any information that we collect and ensuring that your information is stored safely and securely. We maintain industry-standard safeguards to protect your information from unauthorised access, misuse, loss, modification and disclosure (including by way of physical, electronic and personnel security measures).

We will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify any personal or sensitive information that is no longer required for any purpose.

Can you access your information?

Should you wish to access your information produced as the result of your assessment please contact our office.

You have an entitlement to request access to the personal information we have collected about you and we will provide you with access to the information unless an exemption or restriction applies. In some instances, the organisation that referred you to us may legitimately instruct us to withhold this information.

We will not charge you for lodging a request for personal information we have collected about you, however, depending on the nature of your request we may levy a reasonable charge reflective of the cost to us of providing access to any information. Details of relevant fees can be obtained from our office.

More Information

Our handling of information (including information previously collected) will be governed by the most recent version of our policy.

If you have any further queries, please contact our office.

Phone: (02) 4958 7777

Fax: (02) 4958 7700


Location: 388 The Esplanade, Warners Bay NSW 2282

Pre/post Operative Survey

Dr. Young will discuss with you in detail what you can do before and what you should do after your operation to improve your outcome. Your result is the centre of our focus and whilst every person is a little anxious about surgery, if we can give you a better idea of what to expect then much of that anxiety can subside.